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Languages on our websites

We strive to offer information in all 24 official languages of the European Union on our websites. If the content is not available in your selected EU language, you can utilize eTranslation, the machine translation service provided by the Commission.
Our goal is to find a reasonable balance between accommodating speakers of the various EU languages and practical considerations such as limited translation resources. Certain content, like legislation, is always accessible in all EU languages, while other content may only be provided in languages that user research indicates will have the widest reach.

All content is published in English at the very least, as research has demonstrated that by using English, we can effectively reach approximately 90% of our website visitors who prefer a foreign language or whose native language is not English.
On our webpages, priority content, legislation, key political documents, and some of the most frequently visited Commission-managed webpages on the ‘Europa’ web domain, such as the ‘Official website of the European Union’, are available in all 24 EU official languages.

For urgent or time-sensitive information, it may initially be available in only a few languages or even just one. Additional languages may be added later based on user requirements.
Specialized information, such as technical details, campaigns, calls for tender, local news, and events, may be available in only a few languages or even just one. The choice of languages depends on the target audience.